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Business for Good

Business for good is our way of giving something back.  We all have a responsibility to take care of the world we live in and understanding we have a purpose in life that is bigger than ourselves is also one of the 5 pillars of resilience.  Our current partnerships are with Just One Tree and Pledge 1%.

Just One Tree

We have just one planet and climate change is a reality for all of us.  Although we can't solve everything, planting trees can certainly help.  For every full day of consultancy, we plant a tree with Just One Tree Each tree will absorb CO2, restore biodiversity and help future generations to breathe.


It doesn't matter how big or small your company is, because it is together we can make the greatest impact. 

Pledge 1%

One of the founding members of Pledge 1% was Salesforce, so it makes sense as part of the Salesforce ecosystem that we should join this pledge too.  We pledge at least 1% of our time to give back to others through pro-bono work and volunteering.  Please contact us if you would like us to volunteer for you.


Using our other skills, Tracy runs a free online breathwork & relaxation yoga class every Friday lunchtime.

Details of which can be found here. 

Anyone is more than welcome to join and no prior experience or special equipment is required.

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